Fourth Quarter, 2017 My Comments and Opinions   Before we review the final quarter of 2017, let’s take a look at the recent spate of market volatility, which is likely caused by computerized sell programs, institutional sellers and panicked TRADERS.  Traders are fast-paced ‘in-and-out’ opportunistic profit hunters. In my opinion INVESTORS are different. They take […]

  SECOND and THIRD QUARTERS, 2017 MY COMMENTS AND OPINIONS THE ECONOMY “The US Economy grew by 3% in the Second Quarter, the best performance in two years. The current recovery has entered its ninth year — long by economic standards — but it is showing some unexpected vigor. The Commerce Department said on Wednesday […]

My Comments and Opinions IF is a very big word.  It’s the biggest word in History.  ‘IF this had happened, then that would not have happened’ is the twist in every story, in every event and for every life on Earth.  ‘IF’ doesn’t have to be happenstance.  ‘IF’ can be planned.  IF we do this […]

Fourth Quarter, 2016 My Comments and Opinions Markets go up. Markets go down. Up is better. Up has been the trajectory of the equity markets in America since the November elections. Why? Perhaps it’s because there’s been a surge of optimism among investors. They seem to be anticipating more jobs in our country, lower taxes, […]

2016 Year-to-Date My Comments and Opinions During the first three quarters of 2016 our economy has been stumbling along at a tepid pace. Where we would hope for a 3% to 4% annual growth rate in a healthy recovery, we have only a mere 1.5% to report so far. Year-to-date the S&P Index is up […]